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Illimis Project


Welcome to official site of Illimis Project.
Nowadays, the internet is very important part of our lives. Every day are published thousands of new articles and pages. But not all of them are properly written. Not by the content side, but the code side. Why would you write a whole page just for one new article, you would say. And we agree. That's why Illimis Project was created. To help people build their sites with no need of code knowledge.
First of all. What is CMS? CMS stands for Content Management System. It helps bloggers, website owners and other people to manage their content quicky and comfortable with no extra work or knowledge basis. Illimis Project is 100% free and open to everyone. If you are just average internet user and looking to make your own page, you are on the right place. If you are bored coder, you can join us on GitHub and contribute!
You can download latest version of our CMS from download section. If you found some issues with our CMS, you can report the issue, or If you have some suggestions, you can also write them there. We hope we can make your content managing experience as easy and as comfortable as it is possible.


Features ticked with are already implemented. Otherwise, it's future feature.
Feel free to suggest some implementations in "Issue Report" section.

  • User registration (administration purposes only)
  • Article - submission
  • Article - continue reading
  • Article - pagination
  • Custom template
  • Article - Unicode emoticons
  • Article - editing
  • Article - deletion
  • XML Sitemap Generator with user-friendly interface
  • User groups and privileges
  • Installation wizard
  • Custom code extension + checker